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Terms and Conditions
Van and A Storage Man
  1. The Storage Owner rents to the Storer and the Storer rents the storage area (premises) as assigned by the Storage Owner, based on the requirements of the Storer.


  1. The term commences on receipt of the Storer’s goods by the Storage Owner, or such other date as written in the Summary of Terms and Conditions; and shall expire as indicated on the term required by the Storer. If the Storage Owner is agreeable/willing/able to permit the Storer to occupy the premises after the intended expiration of term, such occupation shall continue at a rate and term as agreeable to all parties.


  1. The Storer acknowledges that the Storage Owner is a commercial storage owner renting space suitable for storage and not a bailee or warehouseman. No bailment or deposit of goods for safekeeping is intended or created under this agreement.


  1. Intention to vacate. The rental term may be terminated after the expiration of the intended term given by the Storer at the commencement of the storage agreement, or by either party giving one month’s written notice.  Access to the storage unit will be available to the Storer as quickly as possible by the Storage Owner, on the requested termination date by the Storer.  Rental is due and payable for the full fourteen (14) days notice requirement.


  1. Termination and Removal of goods. Notwithstanding anything contained in Clause 4, this agreement shall not be terminated and the rental shall continue until the Storer has removed from the Storage Unit all items stored therein and has left the Storage Unit in a neat, tidy and clean condition; and all rental due has been paid to the Storage Owner.


  1. The Storer shall pay to the Storage Owner the rental specified in this agreement.  Payment shall be made in advance.  Monthly invoices will be emailed to the Storer at the beginning of each month, with payment due within seven (7) days.  All rental due shall be paid by the Storer to the Storage owner prior to vacating the unit.


  1. The Storer may use the storage unit solely for the purpose of storage of such items, plants, equipment and chattels as are of a non-dangerous, non-flammable and non-perishable nature nor likely to cause a bad odour, health hazard or be offensive or attract vermin.  Personal papers such as tax returns, passports, financial records and other irreplaceable property such as heirlooms and keepsakes having only sentimental value must be placed in packaging accordingly to ensure their safety while in storage.


  1. The Storer must give 48hrs prior notice to access the storage unit to enable this to be arranged with the Storage Owner who will accompany the Storer to the unit. If the Storer wishes to remove items, their account with the Storage Owner must be current/up to date.


  1. Storage Owner’s Lien. If the Storer shall be in arrears in payment of the rental and not responded to efforts by the Storage Owner to bring the account up to date, the Storage Owner shall have a lien over all the Storer’s contents in storage with the Storage Owner and may upon giving 14 days written notice to the Storer, enter the storage unit and sell by auction or destroy or otherwise dispose of the contents of the storage unit without liability of any nature to the Storer for any loss suffered by the Storer, and the Storage Owner in so doing shall not be required to ascertain the value of any of the contents.


  1. The Storage Owner accepts no responsibility for any loss of or damage to goods stored in the Storage Unit irrespective of how such loss or damage may arise, including loss or damage due to the default or neglect of the Storage Owner.


  1. The Storer understands that this is a storage facility and the Storage Owner is not a bailee or warehouseman and the Storer also understands that he/she/they must provide his/her/their own insurance coverage, or be un-insured (personally responsible for any loss).


  1. Storer to Indemnify Storage Owner. The Storer shall indemnify the Storage Owner for all loss or damage suffered by the Storage Owner caused by any act or default by the Storer or any agent or invitee of the Storer and any goods placed by the Storer in the Storage Unit. The Storer shall indemnify the Storage Owner for all loss or damage suffered by the Storage Owner (including losses due to claims against the Storage Owner by third parties) caused by the breach by the Storer of any of the provisions in this agreement. The Storer shall indemnify and be liable to the Storage Owner for making good any damage caused by the Storer to the storage unit or any other storage unit or the Storage Owner’s property.


  1. Any notices required to be given to the Storer by the Storage Owner under this agreement shall be given by email to the Storer’s address specified in this agreement. Such notice shall be deemed to have been received by the Storer on the day of emailing the notice to the Storer.

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